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Whether you require grinding discs, files, emery and carborundum papers or wire brushes, we can supply all your metal abrasive needs. We stock and distribute a full range of abrasive materials from the ABRACS and Bibielle ranges, the leading manufacturers of top grade abrasive products. Contact us for more information on the brands to supply throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

Top quality abrasive products

Phoenix CHOP SAW – The new specification of this blade makes it even more efficient than it’s predecessor, giving excellent speed of cut and improved wear rate. The 2.5mm thickness enables the CHOP SAW blade to give the finest cut possible. Manufactured to VBG49 safety standards and MPA10203.

Phoenix EXTRA THIN. – These are the fastest and most efficient blades for cutting both mild steel and stainless steel. They have been specifically designed for cutting applications where speed, efficiency and accuracy is all important.

EXTRA THIN discs do not contain Fe, S or Cl (iron, sulphur or chlorine). The range is available in diameters 75mm to 230mm and thicknesses of 1.0mm to 1.8mm.

FLAP DISCS AND WHEELS – All flap discs available from ABRACS are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. They are made from the finest zirconium grits, which are bonded to extremely strong but durable fibreglass backing. The zirconium grit has very sharp and long lasting qualities making flap discs especially good on stainless steel, aluminium and construction steel.

GRINDING DISCS – The ABRACS abrasive disc range contains discs suitable for cutting or grinding literally every material. From building materials to stainless steel and aluminium to rail track, whatever the application, ABRACS can supply a solution.

WIRE BRUSHES – The ABRACS range of wire brushes comprises all popular sizes to cover virtually every application. Whatever your requirement, ABRACS will be able to supply you with a suitable solution. We can supply twist knot cup brushes, crimped cup brushes, stainless steel cup brushes, wide faced (bench grinder) brushes, scratch (hand) brushes, pipeline brushes, bevel/conic brushes or spindle mounted brushes.

BIBIELLE PRODUCTS – Bibielle’s surface conditioning products are suitable for finishing, masking and satin finishing small or large surfaces, light deburring as well as removing scale on various work surfaces in stainless steel, titanium, fibreglass, aluminium, nonferrous materials and alloys. Ask us about Bibielle’s linishing belts and polishing wheels.

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